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St. John Paul II in Cebu, Liturgy of the Word

JP2Finding myself in this important city known as the cradle of Christianity in the Philippines, I want to express my deep joy and profound thanksgiving to the Lord of history. The thought that for 450 years the light of the Gospel has shown with undimmed brightness in this land and on its people is cause for great rejoicing. Four and a half centuries of fruitful interaction between the local culture and Christian message have resulted in this harmonious blending called "Filipino Christian culture." God's providence in the Philippines has truly been wonderful.

The Christianization that took place in the sixteenth century was not something merely accidental. Divine grace was at work when the people of this region had their first contact with the image of the Santo Nino. It is an important historical fact, rich in religious meaning, that on January 1, 1571 the village kingdom of Sugbu was renamed "Villa del Santo Nino," and thus the first city of the Philippines was placed under the patronage of the Child Jesus. In a particular way the church thank God that the tiny Christian community of Sugbo, under the patronage of the Infant Jesus, has now become a flourishing archdiocese of two million people, almost all of whom are Catholics. It can truly be said that growth in faith and Christian living has been until now a constant feature of the church in Cebu as well as the whole Philippines. The glorious past gives hope for the future" - Excerpts from L'OSSERVATORE ROMANO

Archbishop of Cebu, Jose Palma D.D.

Archbishop Jose PalmaTo Santo Nino De Cebu International of San Francisco, CA

It's good to know that Filipinos abroad are also holding this important occasion as a way of paying homage to the Holy Child.

Our country was hit by typhoon Yolanda a year ago and we have tried to move on and continue our rebuilding and rehabilitation efforts. The Financial supports from our Filipino working aboard were overwhelming. Let me then extend my heartfelt gratitude for your magnanimous help to our poor brothers and sisters..


Msgr. Guillermo Gorre, H.P.

Msgr.Guillermo Gorre H.P.

Warm greetings of love and peace as we celerate the New Year 2015, the Year of the Church of the Poor!

It is with Great joy that you, the Filipino Community of Faith in San Francisco, California under the supreme role of the Child Jesus once again religiously and spiritually prepare to respond to the loving presence of God in your lives....


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