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santo_nino_decebu2The Christianization in the Philippines that took place in the sixteenth century was not something merely accidental. Divine grace was at work when the people of  Cebu had their first contacted with the image of the Santo Nino. For almost 500 years the light of the Gospel has shown with undimmed brightness in this land and on its people is cause for great rejoicing.  The fruitful interaction between the local culture and Christian message have resulted in this harmonious blending called “Filipino Christian culture.” God’s providence in the Philippines has truly been wonderful.  Christian living has been until now a constant feature of the church in Cebu as well as the whole Philippines. The glorious past gives hope for the future” – Pope John Paul II

Whereas, the Fiesta of the Santo Nino de Cebu imparts to every Filipino renewed sense of values of the traditional Filipino traits of piety, friendship and hospitality, and devotion to the Santo Nino is a means of inspiring the highest values in upholding the sacred heritage of Philippine culture. This yearly event is a festive, significant, celebrated and hallowed tradition, which is deeply woven into the very fabric of the history of Cebu and the Philippines. – Proclamation, City & Country of San Francisco.

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