Day 1

Recite the ACT OF CONTRITION to be recited daily

santo_nino_decebu2 Oh,  Dear Jesus, You are our King and our God, because of your love for us, You came down from heaven and born of the Virgin Mary.  We repent all the transgressions we have committed against you.  Forgive us Oh Jesus, for our sins of ingratitude.  Strengthen our will to resist temptations. Grant us the grace not to sin again  that we may enjoy the blessings of Heaven.

Oh, Holy Child Jesus, son of the living God, who is ever-good and loving.  We kneel before you our True God.  We humbly ask to give us your mercy and grant us all the favors we ask of You in this Novena.  AMEN


Day 1 – Petition

Oh, ever-wise Jesus, son of the living God, in your infinite wisdom, You sent zealous missionaries to our shores in the Philippines to preach the Gospel to our forefathers.  You had drawn our people to the light of  your Catholic Church, we humbly ask you to give us the living faith so what we may always please you in all that we do.  We ask you this in your Holy Name.  Amen.

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