Prayer of Thomas Aquinas

Prayer of St. Thomas Aquinas  for Light and Guidance
Relic of St. Thomas Aquinas

relicstthomas2O Ineffable creator, who, out of the abundance of thy wisdom, has constituted the three angelic hierarchies, and set them in admirable order over  the highest heaven; Though, who has most graciously proportioned the parts of the universe; Though, who art called the truth fount of light and wisdom and the first beginning of all, deign to let the beam of they splendor shine upon the darkness of my intellect to dispel the two-fold gloom of sin ignorance, in which I was born.  Make my tough to speak wise things, O, Thou, who makes eloquent the tongues of babies: and do thou, pour out upon my lip the grace of thy benediction.  Give me keenness of comprehension.  Ability to retain, method and ease in acquiring, precision in interpreting, plenteous grace in speaking, inspire my going in; guide my steps when I walk; and my going out do thou make perfect.  Thou who art at once God and man, and who reignest forever and ever, Amen.

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